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Monday, March 21, 2011

AT&T Planning Big Things

From the Daily Beast:
...the business world was pleasantly rocked by the announcement of a mega-deal: the planned $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile USA by AT&T. If the deal is approved, AT&T will add nearly 35 million new subscribers and vault past Verizon to become the largest wireless carrier in the United States with about 129 million customers, surpassing Verizon’s 100 million or so.

Well well fucking well. I'm a Verizon guy myself, but all these cell companies are assholes. But if this merger gets approved, then AT&T and Verizon will basically rule the cell phone industry. All you people with Sprint will be executed for being so stubborn for not conforming to either the Verizon or AT&T empires.

For you poor sacks of shit who aren't on the Verizon network, the merger includes plans to extend AT&T's network in rural areas. Good luck, AT&T still blows and now that Verizon has Apple products, you are all still fucked.

The real winners if this deal goes through are T-Mobile people. T-Mobile fucking blows. Shitty service, no customer service, general shittiness infests T-Mobile like a herpes infection. At least now you can get the iPhone or some shit. Move into this century people.

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