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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Epic Meal Time Goes Big

Alright so in case you aren't a Youtube nerd you might have missed that Epic Meal Time is going big. I posted about them way back when with their Drunk Breakfast and now they are getting millions of hits and they got their own website up. Doing big things, thanks to me I'm sure. Jesus, they are sold out of all 5 types of shirts they have. Cha-fucking-ching. They are making bank.

Their latest video is just nuts. Vegetarians need not even try to watch.

I'll say it again, dudes are genius. Their only expenses for these videos are basically the food, booze and camera. It seems like a lot when they are copping fast food like it's nothing. But genius nonetheless.

Also I feel the need to call out Wendy's, McDonald's, and A&W. They take forever to make 15 burgers. I mean don't fatass people roll through and cop like eight burgers? This is just twice that. Come on fast food chains, step your shit the fuck up. Epic Meal Time need their food now motherfuckers.

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