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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Moron of the Week: Jonathan Huntley

From the Smoking Gun:
Nice tee bro
The t-shirt is in police custody because, investigators allege, Huntley last Tuesday participated in the home invasion robbery of a Charlotte home. According to cops, one victim told investigators that two black males “willfully and unlawfully entered his residence” and stole valuables, including jewelry and a wallet.
But as the robbers fled the Dinglewood Avenue crime scene, the black t-shirt somehow fell out of the duo’s getaway car. Huntley surrendered to police Thursday night, a day after a Crime Stoppers appeal was made seeking the public’s help in identifying the man pictured on the garment.
Charged with robbery and breaking and entering with force, both felonies, Huntley is being held at the Mecklenburg County Jail in lieu of $30,000 bond. The parolee is pictured in the March 31 mug shot at left. He is pictured at right in the older booking photo seen on the seized t-shirt.

If convicted of the home invasion, Huntley will likely return to the custody of the North Carolina Department of Corrections, where his last stay included him racking up 26 separate disciplinary infractions, including charges of gambling, fighting, threatening a prison staffer, and “sexual act.”

Who the fuck leaves their mug shot at a crime scene? I mean really, come on man. Then you give yourself up after Crime Stoppers ask people about you? Fucking Crime Stoppers? For Realz? I mean most criminals are stupid, but congratulations to you Mr. Huntley, you take the motherfucking retard cake.

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