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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Step Your Game Up UConn

Last night Kemba Walker and the UConn Huskies won the NCAA Torunament. They kicked serious ass, first winning the Big East, then the whole dance. Impressive, even though last night Butler shit the bed something awful.

But look UConn, if your team is going to win it all, you have to get this rioting thing down. Look at this pathetic attempt to flip a car during the "riot."

Good effort 500 people standing around watching. Pathetic.
Look at this post from BarstoolU. Did you say UConn made you proud with that riot? In the second video you all just parted like the sea for a cop, don't give me all this telling cops to fuck off bullshit. You can hear the camera say "don't run near the cop." Yeah you guys are pretty rowdy, for a junior prom. At UAlbany Kegs and Eggs a bitch jumped on a cop's back. And that was at 7am. UConn thinks they know how to riot. Please.

Their team isn't even sniffing a national championship and that's how UAlbany rolls. That's how you riot at 7am bitches. Cops blocking off the street before the motherfucking sun even comes up.

Or how about after the Sox won the series in '04. As you can plainly see a real riot does not disperse to let police drive through it. Fucking Huskie pussies.

UConn, your Kemba is mighty, but you guys are not tough, you partied last night I'll give you that. But the difference between a riot and a party is balls and insanity. You have neither. That is all.

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  1. it's connecticut dude, a gay state would be less soft.