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Monday, April 4, 2011

Soccer Fan Whooped

You know soccer fans are tough. I know Americans are all "soccer is for pussies" and shit but go to a fucking game with hooligans all around you eating beer bottles and shit and tell them that. I thought so pussy.

Now, soccer hooligans may be tough, but this cop clearly knows how to lay down the law. That's a nice rear-naked choke he's got there. Sign this dude up for the UFC. And then the head smash while the kids dad watches to make the kid give up. That's some serious shit for a kid who looks all of 5-9 140lbs. Way to go police brutality, I'm sure that kid was a threat to Mexico's national security or something. I'm convinced that guy is just a dude dressed as a cop. Mexico doesn't have police do they?

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