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Monday, April 4, 2011

No Swearing in Futbol

So Wayne Rooney is a beast. I hate the motherfucker, but he is. Now the cocksucker is looking at a 2-game ban (suspension) because he swore after scoring all three Manchester United goals to bring his team back from a 2-0 defecit.

How many dicks you think he fits in there?

From Deadspin: (follow the link to see video)
Wayne Rooney singlehandedly brough United back from 2-0 down, and all but cinched the Premiership. Now, because of some naughty words captured by onfield cameras, he stands to miss two games, including a big FA Cup match with Man City.

After scoring three goals, the last on a penalty, in the span of 14 minutes Saturday, cameras caught Rooney celebrating with teammates. What he said is up for debate, but it's some combination of "fucking what" "fuck off" and "fuck you." I know, I'm shocked he knows that much English.

Rooney apologized immediately after the match, but that wasn't enough. A 2-game ban, which he can appeal up until tomorrow and is expected to. Because why should he suffer for showing emotion just because the FA's all image-conscious lately?

Alright I'm actually on Rooney's side on this one. Is soccer really this strict? I mean in the NBA and NFL the mics sometimes pick up pretty clear cussing, and even if they bleeped the audio, the video shows his lips clearing telling the opposing team to do something involving the word "fuck". And you know what, that little dude just put up three goals, I think he can celebrate how he likes. Fuck, grab a bitch out of the stands and pound her right there for all I care. Give him a card or something, but a 2-game suspension? That's just fucking stupid. 

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  1. liverpool was playing arsenal monday i think it was, and after the game the two coaches were chatting, and you could see the liverpool coach tell the aresenal coach to fuck off. it was awesome.