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Monday, April 4, 2011

Duck Geraldo Rivera!

Damn man, sometimes it is easy pickin's being a reporter. But not in Libya.

From the Hollywood Reporter:

Fox News' Geraldo Rivera came under fire in Benghazi, Libya, on Sunday. Watch the video, above.
Speaking after on Fox and Friends, Rivera said, "It was the kind of situation where it evolved kind of  a single sniper shot, then we took cover."

"There was a wild exchange. It was like a shoot out between two unruly gangs: the professional [rebel] soldiers, the Gadhafi soldiers. Every time they unleashed their salvos, the rebel irregulars would wildly retreat or fire their weapons," said Rivera.

"It was a wild, wild scene. I was as worried about being shot in the back by the 'good guys' as I was worried about being shot in the front by the bad guys," Rivera went on.

"I swear to god, if you give these people weapons more powerful than they have right now, they will be a grave danger to themselves and others," he continued. "They don't know how to use these weapons. At the first sign of a threat, they let loose their salvos. When you have incoming [fire], the time when real soldiers use training and experience… that is non-existent in the rebel army.

"They have the fire discipline of an L.A. street gang," said Rivera. "It was really very worrisome."

Here's the video of the Fox crew dodging bullets.

Alright so I guess I give Rivera a pass for calling out the Libyan rebels for being shitty shots and spooking easily. But dude, shouldn't you count your fucking blessings? I mean if I'm a Libyan rebel who sees this, I'm plugging this douche next chance I get. Of course I can't hit the broad side of a barn because I'm a Libyan farmer, but fuck it.

Only a Fox News reporter is this much of a cocky prick. Aren't the rebels protecting your dumbass? Is Rivera just hoping they don't see his commentary on the video where he compares them to L.A. street gangs? I'm just confused as to why an arrogant cocksucker like this didn't get shot immediately after this footage hit the web. I kind of want to suit up and go put the fucker in the dirt myself.

They are REBELS bro. They aren't trained, they have whatever weapons you can get in Libya (AK-47's). They are just trying to be free man, of course they shit themselves when trained soldiers open up on them. And I saw the video, you shit yourself too you pussy cocksucker.

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