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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Verizon Customers Fucked

So apparently last week a hacker got into the databases of a marketing company called Epsilon, which has Verizon as a client. What does that mean to Verizon customers? Your information got potentially stolen by a hacker.

From Reuters:

(NEW YORK) - Customers of Verizon Communications had their email addresses exposed in a massive online data breach last week, according to an email to customers obtained by Reuters.

In what could be one of the biggest such attacks in U.S. history, a computer hacker penetrated the online marketer Epsilon, which controls the customer email databases for a broad swath of companies.

Customers of about 50 companies, from banks to retailers and hotels, had their names or email addresses exposed in the attack.
Verizon, the largest U.S. mobile telephone carrier, informed customers on Tuesday that it was part of the Epsilon data breach.

"Epsilon has assured us that the information exposed was limited to email addresses, and that no other information about you or your account was exposed," Verizon said in an email to a customer sent on Tuesday evening.

The company did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Jesus H Christ I can tell a lie when I see it. It's already bad enough in an age where people give up their information to sites like Facebook and LinkedIn and shit. But now hackers are just going right to the source. Now the reason I'm calling bullshit is the fact that Verizon said Epsilon told them only email addresses were exposed to the hacker. Bull-fucking-shit. If a company has a database of customers you think all they have is their emails in a list seperate from everything else? Doubt it.

Look who has your credit card # now, I mean email

I think Verizon is lying through their fucking teeth and I bet Epsilon doesn't know for sure what information the hacker accessed. They are just trying to downplay the whole thing by saying it was only emails. I mean who gives a fuck if a dude knows their email right?

Well Verizon I'm onto your bullshit. This dude probably just copped like a million credit cards numbers and he's just gunna go buckwild for the next month, get caught, and go to jail. Or maybe he only has my gmail. 

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