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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Casey Anthony Fever

I'm already so fucking sick of seeing people ranting all over Twitte rand Facebook about the Casey Anthony verdict.

Anthony was acquitted of all charges except for some bullshit lying to the cops charge and of course, everyone is bugging out.

Chucking up deuces to the judge

The entire trial the media convicted Casey in the court of public opinion, so by the time the jury came back with their decision yesterday everyone already thought they were guilty.

I'm not one of these "the media controls us" people, but in this case I think it is shocking to see how the media made everyone assume the verdict would be guilty in a case where the prosecution didn't really have a strong case.

And even that doesn't matter. Because this is Amurica people. We have democracy and a court system that we base our society on. When you commit a crime twelve people decide whether you did it or not, and in this case they found there was reasonable doubt that Casey Anthony killed her child. That's how the system works. But in typical American fashion, the public bugs out.

And I'm not saying I think Casey Anthony was innocent. I think the defenses story about a drowning accident is bullshit. Who takes their accidentally drowned child and tapes them up and tosses them in the woods? No one. But the lawyers fought it out, and the defense one. So stop crying about it, even if she went to jail her daughter is still dead. And you're only going to care for the next 48 hours anyways, so just do me a favor and shut the fuck up. Or move to a country where she would have been stoned to death without a trial.

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