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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fantasy Stats at Stadiums

So the NFL is now mandating all NFL teams to post real-time fantasy stats for players so that fans can keep up with their fantasy rosters while they watch the game.

From USA Today:
A dream come true for fantasy football players attending live NFL games? Or a sell-out move that could tick off sports purists?

Starting with tonight's Green Bay Packers-New Orleans Saints season opener, the NFL is directing all 32 clubs to display real-time fantasy football stats at all home games for the new 2011 season, says league spokesman Brian McCarthy.

Previously, it was up to individual clubs to decide if they wanted to show player stats from out-of-town games on their scoreboards rather than focusing on their own. Not any more.

The NFL is reaching out to millions of fantasy players who feel somewhat cut off while attending live games. Many fantasy players already use mobile devices to keep in touch with how their players and teams are doing.

But the NFL wants fans at live games to feel as plugged in as they would be on their couch at home. So NFL headquarters will be shooting all teams' real-time fantasy stats -- and directing them to post on video boards for fans in the stands.

The thing about this is of course it's good for football. The article starts out by asking if "sports purists" will be pissed about the move. I got news for you people, the only sports purists left are baseball diehards. NFL fans are into fantasy, they check stats on their phones and other devices. They want information. If you are watching Arian Foster run up and down the field crushing corners like ants, seeing how many fantasy points he is racking up is just a bonus.

All this shit about are fantasy football fans real NFL fans is bullshit. The NFL is a product. And if fantasy football makes you care about and consume the product, who gives a fuck? Personally I don't play fantasy football. I watch the fuckin' Pats. But I keep track of who is slaying it in fantasy on any given week. It's just another element to the game. So why not show fantasy stats at games?  It's one of those things where it doesn't hurt anyone, and some people want to know. So I say do it up NFL. Keeping your fans happy is what it is all about, and they want live updated stats while they watch the Pats smoke the Dolphins. It' just the world we live in. And "sports purists" can go suck it.

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  1. i hate people at the bar or stadium or wherever that are just pulling for goddamn players. at least throw some money down and route for a fuckin team, or just pull for your team and route against everyone else in the division like the good ole days!