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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Welcome Back!

Oh wait there is a burglar in a pool of blood in our apartment.

From Huffington Post:
COLUMBUS, Ohio — Police say some Ohio State University seniors found the body of a suspected burglar and a lot of blood when they returned to their off-campus apartment from a Labor Day weekend away.

Columbus police Sgt. Steven Little tells The Columbus Dispatch that investigators believe the man broke a window to enter the apartment and severed an artery on his arm in the process.

In Little's words, "The burglar had a bad weekend." He says the apparent intruder "sat down on the floor and bled to death." Police believe the man died Sunday or on Monday, when the body was found.

Good theory Mr. Steve Little, dude cuts his arm on the window on the way in and just sits down, accepting his fate as the worst burglar of all time. First of all who tries to rob a college kids apartment before they move in? That's your first mistake idiot, not casing the joint. Second, who just cuts their arm and sits down to die? I mean like at least try to stop the motherfucking bleeding bro. It's called a tourniquet my man.

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