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Monday, October 10, 2011

Fan Tosses Dog at Tiger

Well instead of Tiger Woods throwing his dog around porn stars and MILF's, on Sunday the hot dog was thrown his way.

From ESPN:
Tiger Woods claims he barely had time to fear for his own safety after a spectator was arrested for running onto the course at the Frys.com Open and throwing a hot dog at the former world No. 1. 

Woods was lining up a birdie putt at the seventh hole during his final round in California when his focus was broken by the unwelcome intruder. The American went on to card a steady 68 that left him tied for 30th on his return to action, but his golfing performance was not the major talking point post-event.
After what should have been the least spectacular of weeks for Woods, he again finds himself in headlines after being the target of a hot dog. The spectator yelled Woods' name as he ran towards the green, tossing his item of food before voluntarily falling to the floor to be arrested by security. 

Of course he was drunk, of course he just wanted publicity.

Not a bad effort bud, but I mean dude at least try to shake hands with Tiger or something. I mean if I'm 20 beers deep at a golf tourney I'm not throwing a hot dog, yelling and then getting on the ground. I'm making a motherfucking scene. Still funny though.

As soon as I saw that he has his jacket tied around his waist I knew he was going down easy.

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