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Friday, October 7, 2011

Welcome to Football Season Yankee Fans

Last night the Detroit Tigers finally put the Yankees out of their misery. Overpaid A-Rod couldn't do shit. Curtis Granderson couldn't fly through the air and make everything better. It's over. And you guys got dusted at home. I mean jesus after all the shit you give Sox fans just to join them on the golf course a week later? Yeah you guys are really good.

The thing is, now it's football season and at least we have the best team in football. You guys have the dirty Sanchez and the shit Jets, Eli and the where are they Giants, or Tony Romo and the why the fuck did we buy this staidum for such a shitty team? Cowboys. Bottom line New York fans the only team all year you have that is worth a shit just fucked it all up. Happy off-season douchebags.

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