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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oklahoma leading the charge in ignorance

From Newser:
The Oklahoma Senate has passed a controversial bill that declares that life begins at the moment of conception, in a landslide 34-8 vote. The Personhood Act passed yesterday after two hours of debate. It's unclear what effect the bill will have, however; its author says it's just a statement and doesn't ban or even restrict abortion rights, birth control access, or stem cell research. He adds that anyone saying so is merely "fear mongering," the Oklahoman reports. 

idiots are in red

The bill had garnered widespread attention after Democrat Constance Johnson introduced a tongue-in-cheek amendment declaring it an act against the unborn for men to waste sperm (click to read it). "It was humorous," Johnson said in yesterday's debate, "but I was serious as a heart attack. … Maybe nobody in this chamber gets it but somebody heard that all we're asking for is for this conversation to include both individuals that are necessary to bring life about." The amendment was tabled.

Jesus. This is some scary shit. Life begins at conception? So at the exact moment when that sperm buries it's head in the egg we have a person? Fuck you. If you think I'm dumb enough to buy that shit you must be drunk. I mean let's be for real, even pro-lifers don't think this is true. They just embrace it because then they can push their anti-abortion agenda.

I mean I'm pretty sure any scientist will tell you that it's hard to say when "life" begins in an embryo. I'll tell you one thing though, an egg with a sperm in it is not a motherfucking person. It just isn't. And it kind of proves my point since the conservative backwash Oklahoma is the first state to put through some shit like this. Apparently Virginia is working on proving to the country that they are idiots as well.

Now I know if I meet anyone from Oklahoma they are an idiot, or at the very least elect idiots to their state goernment.

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