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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How Shitty Are Drug Dogs

A recent High Times article looks into the effectiveness of drug-sniffing dogs and how often they are wrong. The police obviously would have everyone believe police dogs are perfect, but if you've ever owned a dog you know that even if they seem smart sometimes, there is always that dumb-as-shit dog thing in the back of your mind. Sometimes they just act retarded. Apparently police dogs are the same.

From High Times:
A recent study conducted by the Chicago Tribune analyzed three years of data from police departments in the suburbs of Chicago and found that just 44% of dog alerts resulted in the discovery of drugs or paraphernalia, and that the average false alert resulted in a stop lasting almost a half hour. The numbers are even more staggering for Hispanics drivers – the success rate was a mere 27%. Even accounting for alerts triggered by drug residue, the numbers suggest that the dogs are either being poorly trained or are responding to cues from their handlers like leading them too many times or too slowly around a vehicle. 

I fucking knew it. You always see cops like pointing the dogs into the car or very slowly walking them around the car. A dog is a stupid animal, but they know what the rewards for success are. So of course they get shit wrong. I think it's fucking bullshit that a dog signaling it smells something in your car is probable cause for a search. Especially since the dogs suck dick at their jobs. 44% of alerts result in actually finding drugs? 27% with Hispanic drivers? That is fucking horrible.

Fucking asshole cops

The article continues:
A study conducted by researchers at the University of California at Davis and published in January states unequivocally that “handler beliefs affect scent detection dog outcomes,” and that detector dogs are cued by their handlers 85% of the time.

Fuck the fucking police. They call the dogs, and then they signal the dog to signal them, and you're fucked. It leads to like a 45 minute search of your car, and if you have anything illegal, you are boned. If not you still feel like a criminal while they ransack your car. Such bullshit.

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