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Friday, March 25, 2011

Teen Mom Star: Keepin' it Classy

Dude I don't know shit about Teen Mom or whatever the show is called. But this bitch can fight. That's just good parenting.
And of course TMZ are video fascists so you gotta see the video here.

From TMZ:
19-year-old Jenelle is clearly the instigator -- spewing all sorts of nasty insults at a woman named Britany ... before the reality star suddenly socks the other woman in the face with a closed fist.

The two women tussle to the ground ... where Jenelle continues to pummel Britany ... even AFTER it's clear she can no longer defend herself.

With Britany bleeding from her face, one of Jenelle's scumbag friends pulls the reality star off the other woman ... while Janelle continues to drop verbal insults. 

I love the sight of a catfight on a Friday. Looks like victory.

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