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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Who Doesn't Do Blow?

So shortly after the shuttle Discovery's final launch, NASA officials found a bag with 4.2 grams of coke in it at Kennedy Space Center.

From the NY Daily News: Local cops tested the substance onsite and determined it was coke, and it was sent to a crime lab to for follow-up tests, said Renee Juhans of NASA's Office of Inspector General.
The coke was found two days before the famed shuttle returned from its final mission.
NASA has not said where on the base it was found.

Am I missing something here? Are the 80's back? Everyone's doing mad blow apparently. Even the fucking brainiacs at NASA. Look, I don't blame them. You have a mad stressful job, you finally get the piece of shit shuttle into the sky, I'd start banging lines immediately.

We have lift-off

What I don't get is how to forget to bring your fat bag of yayo home with you. I'm sure these dudes make fucking tons of cash, but 4.2 grams of coke isn't a little bit of residue. That's some serious yayo to leave on your fucking console for the weekend.

I think I might pick up a coke habit. All the fucking cool kids are doing it and shit. When you have dudes at NASA banging rails off co-workers tits when the shuttle lifts off, that's the line. Everyone should be allowed to do it. Their job requires a huge amount of nerd strength, so if they can do that high as kites, I can blog with a Scarface sized pile of blow right on my desk.

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