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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Net Neutrality Repeal

Net Neutrality means that the company who provides you your internet cannot interfere with the content you choose to view via their internet feed.

What will happen if it gets repealed like House Republicans are trying to do? You will be blocked from accessing services like free online phone services so you have to essentially buy phone service, probably from your cable provider unless you just want to be a normal person and use your cell. What else would ISP's block? Who knows, the point is, it will NOT be good for internet consumers.

From Huffington Post: The House Commerce Committee voted 30-23 along party lines Tuesday to overturn the FCC's new "net neutrality" regulations, which aim to prevent broadband providers from becoming online gatekeepers. The rules prohibit broadband providers from favoring or discriminating against Internet content and services, including online calling and Web video services that could compete with their core phone and cable operations.

Not good people, don't we get fucked enough by our phone and cable providers? Fucking republicans are the biggest douchebags. Anything for a buck.

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