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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sham Weirdo

So the former assistant of the weird Sham-Wow guy has come out saying he offered to buy her eggs and wanted her to be his fuck slave.

From the Smoking Gun:

APRIL 5--A young model who worked as a personal assistant for Vince Shlomi--the TV pitchman responsible for the ShamWow and Slap Chop products--alleges that he wanted her to be his “love slave,” and offered to buy her eggs for $20,000 and pay her to sleep in his bed with him, according to a federal lawsuit.

Jennifer Kosinski, 23, also charges that Shlomi stalked her ex-boyfriend, used binoculars to watch her while she was on a Florida beach, and, when she sought to visit a relative stricken with cancer, he told her, “Why don’t you just see him when he’s in the grave.”
Kosinski, pictured at right, worked for Shlomi, 46, for about nine months before being terminated in April 2010. 

In her U.S. District Court complaint, which was filed April 1 in Miami, Kosinski contends that she was canned after refusing to show a jealous Shlomi a text message that he thought was sent by a man.

 Dude how fucking weird is the Sham-Wow guy? Like I understand that this model type chick is your assistant so of course you want to smash the shit out of her. Isn't that what assistants are for? But I mean come on man, binoculars and ripping on cancer-ridden relatives? That's not how you get laid bro. You have to be sneaky sneaky, not offering your assistant 20k for her eggs. That's just now how things work my man.

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