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Thursday, April 7, 2011

First Reader Post

Alright this is so horrific I don't even have words to describe it. So I'll leave it as it was sent to me.


This video has been brought to my attention. I made it through all 7 minutes but I don't see you getting past the first 30 seconds. Basically this spoiled brat tapes herself showing off all the clothes her mommy and daddy got her, I looked into this further. Not only are 'haul' videos a thing, this specific chick has over 117 videos and over 380,000 views. She does fucking give aways even. She can't be a day over 12 and does different make up and hair demo's while talking in the most annoying manic high pitched tone. I have so many angry thoughts about this.

For instance when little Ethiopians ask me about American children their age I'll have to say, well little Abdul you wake up at 5 am to feed the goats and start the cooking fires for your mom, in America this little girl wakes up at 5am to paint her face like a 27 yr old high class escort, curl her hair, and get dressed in an outfit worth more money than your parents would make if they sold you. 

Is this real life? What the fuck is happening. First of all this spoiled bitch looks like the posterchild for Bulimia. And ten dollars off bitch? Wow, Mommy and Daddy really saved some serious coin to shut you the fuck up this time. First Rebecca Black, now this fucking bullshit. I weep for the future.

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