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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fuck Bristol Palin

Dude, Bristol Palin is raking in the cake for her abstinance campaign. And she had a baby out of wedlock. I mean come on people. What the fuck? Who would listen to a knocked up teen slut about not fucking?

From the Daily Beast:

News that Bristol Palin snagged more than a quarter-million dollars for her stint raising awareness of teenage pregnancy has rippled around the country and raised eyebrows in the non-profit community. The fee paid by the Candie's Foundation is staggering considering the organization gave a mere $35,000 [PDF] to groups and clinics that work directly to prevent teens from becoming pregnant.

Foundation head Neil Cole confirmed that it paid the unwed mother, and daughter of Sarah Palin, $262,500 in 2009. The figure initially was reported by the Associated Press. Cole also is CEO of Iconix Brand Group. Candie's, a clothing and shoe brand, is one of their companies. Reached at his Anchorage law firm, Palin family attorney John Tiemessen said they would have no comment.
While it's pretty run of the mill to have celebrity endorsees or famous speakers represent or back causes close to them, most seem to turn around and return their fees to the nonprofit. Cole said Palin did not donate any of her paycheck back to the organization, but added that "she gave us a lot more time over and above what she agreed to do. 

She did TV shows and PSAs that were not contractual. She went over and above." He said that of the hundreds of celebrities the foundation has worked with, Palin was the "most exciting thing we've done." Most stars volunteered their services, although other celebrities have been paid in the past, he said. He didn't say which ones were unpaid, but other celebrities who have appeared in ads for the foundation include Hillary Duff, the band Fall Out Boy and Jenny McCarthy.

Money-grubbing slut
And the freaking slut didn't even donate the money back. Like mommy doesn't have enough cake so Bristol needs some money. That fucking slutbag. The sooner the Palin family goes away the better off we will all be.

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