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Friday, April 8, 2011

Your Highness: Hit or Miss?

So you've seen the trailers for Your Highness by now. Another stoner movie with James Franco and Danny McBride from Pineapple Express. Oh and smoking-hot Natalie Portman is the leading lady.

Some reviews for your ass.

From Huffington Post:

"Your Highness" is truly a vehicle for McBride; his film school friends David Gordon Green directed the flick and Ben Best co-wrote the script with McBride.

The film, somewhat predictably, hasn't been well received by critics, who have been disapproving of its sophomoric humor. Of course, if you like that sort of thing, and want to see how it works with a well done fantasy film, "Your Highness" is the film to see this weekend.

From the New York Times:

It’s too bad the filmmakers didn’t go broader and push the silliness further, somewhere along the lines of a Bob Hope and Bing Crosby road picture. Mr. Franco and Mr. McBride’s mismatched buddy act seems as if it should be comedy gold or at least bronze, but it never even makes the cut, partly because Thadeous isn’t especially funny. 

Whether out of vanity or misguided comedy sense, Mr. McBride (who is also one of the executive producers) hasn’t given himself a dangerous or interesting character. Thadeous might initially come across as a walking punch line — he’s a stoner, a laggard and a womanizer, if one who also chases sheep — but the story pushes the character right out of the sweet comedy spot toward dreary (and unlikely) heroics.

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