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Friday, April 8, 2011

Pols Bitching About Shutdown They Are Causing

So with the potential Government shutdown tonight lawmakers are freaking out about not having the House gym open or some bullshit. Is this serious? You are the motherfuckers who can't figure the budget out, so go suck one if you have to get a fucking hotel room to shower you big babies.

From the Daily Beast:
Utah congressman Republican Jason Chaffetz sleeps on a cot next to his desk whenever he’s in Washington, and word that the House gym could be shut down does have consequences for him beyond losing muscle mass. “I’ll have to figure out where the local YMCA is. I do plan on showering.”

According to a report by CBS earlier this year, up to one-fifth of all freshman lawmakers sleep in their Capitol Hill offices, some for just a night or two and some full-time while they’re in Washington. The rationale is usually to make a political argument exemplifying frugality and hard work, but many just want to save money that they’d rather spend with their family back in their districts. In January, Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar said he could save $20,000 each year by not paying rent or parking.

But if the government shuts down, many of the services that these Capitol-dwellers rely on will shut down, too. That includes the gyms and the main cafeterias. The Senate barbershop would stop cutting hair. Even people who ride elevators would have to ascend without the help of an attendant.

“I don’t know what we’ll do about food service,” says Douglas Rivlin, a spokesman for Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez, who spends most nights in the Rayburn Office Building, just south of the Capitol. Staffers, who generally don’t sleep in their bosses’ offices, still rely on Hill services such as bathrooms and security checkpoints. The Office of the Sergeant-at-Arms said Thursday that both would still operate, although perhaps in limited numbers. Says one staffer, who asked for anonymity: “Maybe it’ll get so miserable around here, they’ll pass a budget just to get the cafeterias working again.”

The cafeterias? THAT is what is going to get the budget passed? You can't walk down the fucking street to McDonalds or Moe's or some shit? Goddamnit politicians are the most spoiled bitches in the world. This is a fucking joke.

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