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Thursday, July 7, 2011

D Wills First to Dip

So reports are saying that Nets guard Deron Williams has struck a deal to play in Turkey if the NBA season ends up not happening.

From ESPN:
Sources on Thursday confirmed a report from the Turkey-based sports outlet NTV Spor that Williams has struck an agreement in principal to play for Besiktas, which is the club that briefly employed Allen Iverson last season.

Sources say Williams will not be required to report to the Turkish club before the end of August or early September and that his deal with them will include an immediate out that allows him to return to the NBA as soon as the work stoppage ends.

Here we go. I love seeing who gets ready to jump ship when a lockout happens. There are superstars like Lebron and Dwayne Wade, who have enough money to sit it out and dick around this year. But those players who either need some cash, or legitimately love to play the game, will probably try to sign with Euro teams just in case the NBA season dies.

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I personally think that the NBA season is in serious trouble. The owners and players are arguing over the loss figures for the NBA teams that claim they are losing money. If the sides are so far apart that they are faslifying numbers to one another, this thing will go on forever.

And why wouldn't a player want to sign with a Euro team? It's a win-win. You get a contract that allows you to return to the NBA at any time, and the Euro team potentially gets an NBA athlete on the cheap. I think if players are serious about their negotiations, they should all go to Europe. the NBA wants to cut into your piece of the pie? Go find another fucking pie. It's smart business. We'll see who follows D Wills.

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