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Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Season of Sunny: Mac is Fat

That's the new Mac?

From Huffington Post:
"A lot of protein shakes filled with ice cream. And doughnuts," was the simple diet McElhenney adhered to, co-star Charlie Day told NY Mag's Vulture blog. But the way Day sees it, this was inevitable -- though, of course, it's all being hastened for comedic effect.

"Well, you know, the reality of a guy who lives a lifestyle like this character, who owns a dive bar, is that he would start to go downhill at some point," Day said. "We wanted to have a new, fun direction for his character to go. We knew that 'fat equals funny' isn't good enough. It had to be like his character, specifically, because his character is just that into physical fitness. Actually, it would have been funny if Dennis [played by Glenn Howerton] had done it, too."

Dude, this is a pretty fucking funny idea from the Sunny crew. Who is always dropping jokes about being jacked, wearing sleeveless shirts, and in general being the meat-head of the Sunny crew? Mac. Think of how funny it will be if they have him keep his shit-talking about being jacked and awesome when he's got an extra 50lbs. Pretty genius.

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