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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Florida Rep Thinks Lethal Injection is Pussy

From Newser:
Lethal injection is just such a pleasant way to die. At least according to Florida state Rep. Brad Drake, who wants to put an end to the execution method in the state. He argues that Death Row killers shouldn't be allowed to "get off that easy"; the electric chair would be more appropriate he says—as would a firing squad. Drake this week filed a bill that would put an end to lethal injection and give convicts facing death the choice of the latter two, reports the AP

"I think if you ask a hundred people, not even talking to criminals, how would you like to die, if you were drowned, if you were shot, and if you say you were put to sleep, 90% of some of the people would say I want to be put to sleep," says the Republican, who apparently equates lethal injection with taking a permanent nap. "Let's put our pants back on the right way," Drake urges, adding that his proposed switch would force death row inmates to think about their punishment "every morning."

Look at this clown

This is what is wrong with the American justice system. All these fucking cowboys down south wanna string people up by their neck likes it's the fucking 19th century all over again. Why don't we just legalize lynch-mobs? I mean jesus saying that lethal injection isn't enough because people don't suffer is fucking insanity.

If you don't think someone on death row thinks about dying every day then you must be insane. That's why they call it "Death Row". I mean by this guys logic we should just torture these guys before we kill them. The electric chair dude? Who the fuck is going to pick that shit over a firing squad? Not me, shoot me in the fucking head and be done with it. I mean come on man this isn't Somalia.

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