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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Karma's a Bitch Diddy

A couple weeks ago I posted Diddy acting like a spoiled baby in Atlanta. Well, it looks like fucking Karma even gets the rich dudes.

From TMZ:
Diddy is on a mission to find the person who stole the numbers to his personal American Express Black Card and posted them on a web site this week ... TMZ has learned.

Earlier this week, someone who clearly has a beef with Diddy, posted copies of the rap mogul's super exclusive credit card on a website, along with his passport and private phone numbers.

Sources close to Diddy tell us ... he is aware of the situation and has launched an internal investigation to find the person responsible.

A rep for Diddy had no comment.

Douchey Dirty Money

There you go asshole. Yelling at someone for not drinking your vodka last week, stumbling around to stop someone from charging your Amex Black Card this week. What comes around goes around, even with rich douchebags.

And if anyone who got that credit card number had a sense of humor they went out and bought like 10 cases of Grey Goose vodka. Imagine this idiot when he sees the charges. Fucking priceless.

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