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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Occupy Boston, 100 Arrested Last Night

From Newser:
Police descended on the Occupy Boston protest at around 1:20am today, dispersing a second tent city that had sprung up on the Rose Kennedy Greenway, across the street from the first. A line of veterans carrying American flags tried to stand between police and the protesters, but police advanced on them and arrested the protesters, wrestling each to the ground, cable-tying them, and dragging them away, the Boston Globe reports. 

In a video, one can be heard screaming, “We are veterans of the United States of America!” "During the day a group of anarchists really started to run the protest," Police Commissioner Ed Davis told WCVB 5 . "They weren’t listening to us." In all about 100 of the roughly 1,000 people who had occupied the Greenway were arrested. Authorities said they had demanded protesters clear the Greenway camp because they feared damage to the $150,000 worth of new shrubbery a conservancy group had planted there recently, reports the AP. Police warned protesters to leave hours beforehand, even distributing written instructions. Cops left the original camp alone, however, and Mayor Thomas Menino said protesters would be allowed to remain there.

The rivalry continues. People in New York getting arrested for the Occupy Wall Street shit, well fuck if Boston will go down without a fight. The Sox and Yanks are both out, it looks like the Knicks and Celtics won't get to play this year, so why not add to the Jets/Pats rivalry with a good old-fashioned competitive revolution? Whoever gets change enacted first wins. Race you there New York.

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