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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Men's Lacrosse Players go Hard

Here we go, an NCAA report about drug use has lacrosse players reigning champions of drug-addled collegiate athletes.

From Bloomberg:

Since the last survey in 2005, college athletes have increased their use of drugs including alcohol (83.1 percent, up from 77.5 percent), cigarettes (15.5 percent from 14.6 percent), marijuana (22.6 percent from 21.2 percent) and spit tobacco (17.4 percent from 15.7 percent). 

Men’s lacrosse players led the way in drug use by a wide margin among specific teams.
The survey found 48.5 percent of lacrosse players used marijuana, ahead of soccer players at 29.4 percent and wrestlers at 27.7 percent. Football players were sixth, at 26.7 percent, and men’s basketball players were ninth at 22 percent. 

Narcotics Use
Meanwhile, 9.7 percent of lacrosse players said they used cocaine compared to 3.8 percent of ice hockey players and 3.7 percent of wrestlers. Football players were sixth, at 2.3 percent, and men’s basketball players 10th at 1.2 percent. 

Lacrosse players reported the most narcotics use, with 10.8 percent claiming they used them in the previous year, ahead of wrestlers at 6 percent and football players at 4 percent. Men’s basketball players were 10th at 1.6 percent. 

Alcohol use by lacrosse players (95.0 percent) was topped by ice hockey players (95.5 percent), with golfers third at 90.9 percent. Football players were ninth at 82.9 percent and men’s basketball players 10th at 74.5 percent. 

Lacrosse players finished second to golfers in the use of cigarettes, with 32.2 percent saying they had smoked in the previous 12 months, compared to 33.3 percent of golfers. Tennis finished third at 22.6 percent. 

Well we all knew it but here's the proof. Lacrosse and hockey players party down. I love golf showing up in third for boozing and first for cigarettes. Probably because smoking a pack a day will still let you walk the fucking course as opposed to real sports where dudes have to like, run.

Care for a Natty bro? Some coke maybe?

I think the biggest losers in this report were football players. I mean dudes have to be in ridiculous shape, but soccer players came in second at pot-toking and no one runs more than them. Step your shit up football guys do some blow for christ's sake.

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