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Friday, January 6, 2012

Peace to Your Internet Iran

From Newser:
As fresh sanctions and economic turmoil loom, Iran has launched its harshest crackdown on the Internet yet, the Wall Street Journal finds. Internet cafes have been told they have 15 days to install security cameras and begin collecting information on users. 

Many sites have been blocked and Iranians may soon find the Internet as they know it gone completely: Tehran has been readying a "halal" domestic intranet to replace the West-tainted Internet. State media this week reported that it was being tested (and, notes the Journal, could be behind an observed Internet slowdown); some reports say it is set to go live within weeks. 

I smell shit popping off in Iran. I mean why the fuck would the government threaten to block the internet if they weren't afraid of the political backlash of all this shit-talking they've been doing? Seems like weakness to me.

If I was a young Iranian and was about to get my internet shut off I think I'd be ready to get rid of these fucking old-ass strict Islamist leader people. I mean for fucks sake even countries torn by oppression and poverty and shit still get the internet. How the fuck will people look at porn!? I doubt they even have nudie mags. That means you got nothing but your spank bank, but all the girls walk around covered. SO HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU WHACK IT?! A terrible atrocity to mankind.

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