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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

America is Prude

You think Bill Clinton was a big deal? I really don't but anyway, the Italian Prime Minister is accused of solicitng sex from an underaged prostitute for $60,000. That's a helluva lay.

Berlusconi says Fuck Bitches, Run Country
From the NY Daily News:
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi admits he paid a young exotic dancer at the center of a prostitution scandal $60,000 - but he swears it wasn't for sex!

The 74-year-old politician playboy says he showered Karima el Mahroug, a/k/a Ruby the Heart Stealer, with cash to keep her from becoming a hooker.

Berlusconi said he wanted to help Mahroug, who was 17 at the time, to buy laser hair-removal equipment so she could open a beauty spa, the Guardian newspaper reported. She is now 18.

"The girl told a very painful and moving story," he told reporters outside of a Milan court Monday before a separate trial on fraud charges.

"I gave her money to help take away need, for reasons that are exactly the opposite, so she would not be forced to be a prostitute," he said.

Berlusconi is charged with paying for sex with Mahroug, who authorities called an underage prostitute.

Worth 60k? I'd rather have a Beamer
Apparently this chick has also fucked soccer player Christiano Ronaldo, but I bet that was for free.

The point is in America we flip out about one (free) blowjob, and in Europe they are barely upset that their Prime Minister probably paied a 17-year-old to fuck him. Who is buying this buying her to not become a whore crap? Really bro, that's the best you got? Pathetic.

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