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Friday, April 15, 2011

Dorito-Shelled Tacos

So apparently the always savvy Taco Bell is testing a taco which has a Dorito shell instead of just regular crunchy taco shells.

The Dorito Taco Loco

From Guyism:
Quickly: name one thing that would manage to make Taco Bell slightly more repulsive.
If you guessed “having their taco shells made out of Doritos,” not only are you correct, but it probably means you can read a headline okay too. Anyway, that’s what Taco Bell is doing, it seems, with a potential new product, the “Dorito Taco Loco.”

Or, if they’re not already making these nacho-cheese-flavored shells mass produced, they’re at least testing them around the country.

In the video below, which appears, at best guess to take place at a Southern Cal on-campus food center, one of the test subjects calls the taco “everything I expected … and more.” Indeed.

The article continues, and clearly the writer is a T-Bell hater...

Now, to me, this idea seems pretty freaking disgusting. But I’ll admit that I’m at least intrigued at the possibility here.

After all, Doritos and Taco Bell seem like a pretty reasonable marriage. After all, Taco Bell uses Mountain Dew in its soda fountains, and, if I recall correctly, Dew and Doritos are owned by the same company.

Plus, America loves ridiculous combinations of food items that help make the country fatter. So if indeed this becomes a reality, it’ll probably sell really well.

And here is a video of what the people think.

Alright, to me this is going to be hit or miss. I mean if I were to eat a taco with a nice, crunchy Dorito shell, I bet it'd be awesome. But the problem with crunchy tacos at T-Bell is they are a fool's bet. If they are stale, you are fucked. Imagine combining a stale Dorito with a taco. Shoot yourself type stuff. So I think fresh they will be delicious, and stale I would rather go to Golden Corral and get Hep-C.

Oh and the guy who wrote that Guyism article is the biggest douche I've ever sen "it probably means you can read a headline too"? What a fucking douche.

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