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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ron Jeremy Rum

So I got a tip that the one and only grimey old geezer porn star Ron Jeremy made a rum. I did a little research (read: Google) and found Ron de Jeremy: The Adult Rum. So first of all, this shit is pretty expensive. $36 for a fifth is kinda ridiculous. I mean good old Captain or Bacardi are that much for a handle, so why bother? Here is the website for Ron de Jeremy.

Tastes like a bad stunt

Look the thing I don't get is what sort of market Ron Jeremy appeals to. Guy porn stars are stupid and no one idiolizes them except for the fact that they fuck female porn stars, but so does the Warlock Charlie Sheen himself (who on a side note bombed the first night of his tour and has been killing it since) so who gives a fuck. Girls don't find him attractive, I mean look at this dude, he is frying-pan-to-the-face ugly.

Looks like one ugly Rum-salesman to me
I just don't get who this shit appeals to. Don't get me wrong if I were to stumble upon a bottle I would buy it, chug it, and walk around shouting about how I'm better in the sack that Ron Jeremy or something. But only once would I find that amusing, then I'd go back to the Captain. Or cut to the chase and keep buying 151.

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