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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Strippers in Class, Fuck Yeah La Salle

So apparently the best professor in the known universe is Jack Rappaport at La Salle University. Why, you ask?

From the Philadelphia City Paper:
According to the students, the symposium, hosted at a satellite campus facility in Plymouth Meeting, was held by La Salle assistant professor of management Jack Rappaport

For a $150 admission fee, students earned credit in the College of Professional and Continuing Studies, as well as extra credit in the professor's School of Business classes. The symposium's subject, the students say, was the application of Platonic and Hegelian ethics to business.

As part of the lesson, they say, three dancers, dressed in bikinis and/or miniskirts and high heels, had already arrived when the approximately 30 students (two of whom were female) entered the classroom. During the course of the presentation, lap dances were administered to willing students — and even Rappaport — while he lectured.

The strippers were "doing their normal job," as one student put it.

The mere presence of these women was not entirely surprising, apparently, to Rappaport's students, who say that he regularly reminded his classes that the strippers had been booked. But "I was surprised they actually gave lap dances," said the same student. "I thought they were just there for effect, like he always said."

Extra credit for lap dances in class? Professors lecturing under heaving bosoms? Why the fuck didn't I apply to La Salle?

I mean look, there is no way this professor could have thought this would slip by undetected by the administration, which makes it even more badass. Talk about going out with a bang. Just order up some whores and let them grind on you while you talk about some shit no one cares about anyway.

I wonder if this was weird for the strippers? I mean they obviously have no souls but I wonder if they even batted an eye at performing during a class for college kids and their professor? Probably not. They just need coke money.

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