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Friday, July 8, 2011

Michael Savage is a Fool

I was listening to Savage Nation on my way home just now, Michael Savage's radio program. Savage is staunchly conservative and a fucking moron. In the 15 minutes I spent in the car, he said a few things that made me scared that people think like him.

Savagely moronic

1. Savage said that Obama killing the science program was worse than Pearl Harbor.

If you didn't hear, Obama cut funding to NASA today to help stop our out of control spending. Comparing a sound fiscal decision to the bombing of a US naval installation which launched the U.S. involvement in World War II is moronic. Savage clearly just says these things for shock value. "Quote me on that," he said afterword. I fucking will Savage, and point out that this is why you are a maniac.

2. He also said that cannabis is worse than alcohol and our children think it's just a green plant but really the medical marijuana lobby is a conspiracy for the Democractic party to keep their constituents "doped up on skunk".

He talks about a study conducted in Britain about psychotic episode increases in people who use marijuana.

Dude there are a million conflicting studies about marijuana use. Why not cite one from America? Oh because they are all inconclusive or point to marijuana's potentially good qualities. Calling young democrats all stoned idiots is funny because the brain-washed morons are really the ones who listen to your show and think you are smart.

This is why conservatives in this country get a bad name. Obama making a conservative budget decision is on par with Japan in WWII and weed is satan. He even said "why do you think they call it dope?" Maybe because of the propaganda machine that has been working against marijuana since the 50's. Hearing this shit just makes me glad we don't have someone who thinks like this guy in office.

He also talked about the influx of pothead "communists" in this country. I won't even dignify this idiocy with a rebuttle from young liberals everywhere. Fucking cranky old people should just move to Florida and die.

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