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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chicken nugget girl surprisingly has health issues

From Dailymail:
Medics gave her a series of injections and started her on an urgent course of vitamins.
But, despite being warned that she could die if she sticks to her nugget addiction, she still can’t resist the fast food.
Favourite restaurant: Miss Irvine outside her local McDonald's in Birmingham
Favourite restaurant: Miss Irvine outside her local McDonald's in Birmingham

Miss Irvine, who prefers McDonald’s treats but also enjoys KFC’s, told The Sun: ‘I am starting to realise this is really bad for me.’

One of her favourite pastimes is sharing 20 nuggets and a portion of fries with her boyfriend.
Yet, despite a diet that regularly means she eats at least a third more than the 56g of fat recommended by experts, she manages to keep relatively trim.

This may be down to the amount of exercise she does or to her metabolism.
But the craving is taking a toll on her health. A lack of vital vitamins and other nutrients - combined with a dangerous amount of salt - can raise blood pressure and weaken the immune system. 

It can also lead to an increased risk of heart attacks or strokes, particularly as Miss Irvine gets older.

Damn I mean I thought Supersize Me was crazy. This shit is out of control. Bitch had a chicken nugget and gave up on life basically. No fruits or veggies for this moron, just fake-ass chicken shaped into little poops. This makes my diet look  motherfuckin' balanced. I mean seriously, how many chicken nuggets can you shove down your pie hole? And why isn't that chick fat? I'm so confused by this whole thing.

And every fucking time I put up a loser of the week like twelve minutes after I find a bigger loser. Bullshit.

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