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Thursday, April 21, 2011


Alright alright I'm blowing up in this bitch. Dude hit me up from Atlanta, up and coming white rapper. I was skeptical at first but then I listened to his single and it's kinda hot. Like to be real I think this kid could be the next Sammy Adams. The beat isn't all weird and shitty like Sam Adams and the kid has a pretty good voice and shit. Well he became a fan of the blog and I take care of my fans, so here you go peeps.

Hey how's it going? Found you on blogspot through the hip hop interest search. I'm a 19 year old up and coming hip-hop artist here in Atlanta, GA so I thought I'd make the connect. Just wanted to hit you up and say that you have a fresh blog. Also, if you're interested you can find my new single at zevmusic.bandcamp.com, and my bandpage on Facebook at http://listn.to/Zev. If you like it, and are willing to share the music with your friends, or on your blog, that would be awesome. Any support is always great. Also, you should definitely check out our music crews blog mytruevisionmusic.blogspot.com . A lot of great material. Anyways, hope all is well, and I look forward to seeing what you post in the future. 


Hit up his single here. I love the idea of it. The "two-week" girl. It's fun and playful and the beat is pretty good. Give it a few listens, shit grows on you like a vine. Show the dude some love because he obviously has ill taste in blogs. Holla. Jesus I'm hooked on this track like crack right now. I'm putting dudes on.


  1. zevs got good shit, kinda sexy too

  2. word! i appreciate the love. definitely doesn't go unnoticed. if you ever need any help promoing, i'd be more than willing to help you out. peace!

  3. that's what's up! (clearing my throat) VISION Music in the building! Thanks for the love BEAT BLATHERING. That's how you set the standard for building a community using the internet. Zev told me about your post and I had to check you out. Let's not be strangers. ZEV, keep doing your thing man.

  4. SHout out to zev and Beat Blathering!!!!! 2 week girl!! Let her meet your moms!!!!

  5. man, that two week girl track goes extra hard! Can't wait until Zev collabs with Bobby James though...it will probably be epic!!