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Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Sports Recap

Well this was a pretty big weekend for boston sports. The Celtics got beaten like red-headed stepchildren by the Heat on Sunday, and the Red Sox (who went into the weekend 0-6) managed to take two out of three from the Yankees. And some dude no one knows won the Masters.

First, the Celtics. What the fuck happened yesterday? I mean I know every Celtics fan was shitting their pants before this with all the injuries and inability to score heading into the playoffs, but Sunday was a real fucking wake up. The Heat absolutely dusted the Celtics after the first five minutes of the game. It was truly embarrassing to watch. When Rondo has to take jump shots to keep you within twenty points, you know you are fucked. The final was Miami 100 Boston 77. Just typing that brings me close to actually vomiting.

Here's the box score from Sunday's game.

What the fuck happened to the Celtics bench is my question. Twelve points? Really? And yeah the Perkins trade was really good, fucking Jermain O'Neal had a big goose egg on fourteen minutes Sunday. The bench was 3-11 from the floor. That is just pathetic. and when Pierce, Allen, and Garnett struggle, the bench needs to step the fuck up. It's going to be an ugly second round of the playoffs this year people.

As for the Red Sox, who the fuck didn't think they would take the Yankees series? They were 0-6 headed into Friday with talk all over the sports emdia of them being a huge letdown and the pressure being too much yadda yadda whogivesafuck. What better way to come alive then to play the fucking Yanks at home.

Friday night both teams came out smashing the ball to set the tone. Phil Hughes got shelled in the second and the Sox put up five and the game was basically over. Friday Red Sox 9, Yankees 6.

Saturday theYankees hit four home runs including two from Cano. Yankees 9, Red Sox 4.

And the rubber match on Sunday was a fucking snoozefest. Beckett pitched like the beast he is, but jesus man the game was long. The first two felt like good old September in the AL East, but Sunday was horrible. Red Sox 4, Yankees 0.

Pedroia killed the Yanks, per usual
All in all what I got out of this series was just that now everyone will stopping whining about the Red Sox. The fucking MLB season is like a 180 games people. Just dropping 6 in the beginning doesn't mean shit. They'll find their bats and it looks like their pitching is starting to come around, so shut the fuck up.

This weekend was also the Masters Tournament. Tiger did he usually hang out until Sunday and turn it on, but it wasn't enough this year. He could have won the tournament on a few missed putts, a huge one he missed on 15 that looked like it would have launched him to the win. But he proved he is still Tiger, and once he fixes his putting a bit he won't just be fucking porn stars, he'll be back at the top fucking the pretenders in golf like he should be.

Charl Shawrtzel won and I don't know shit about him so I got nothing to say. He's a boss.

No one said you had to be pretty to win it

The full Masters Scoreboard is here.

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