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Thursday, July 14, 2011

James Harrison

In an article coming out tomorrow in Men's Journal Steelers safety James Harrison rips everybody, making him look like an even bigger punk than we all thought he was. He goes after Comissioner Roger Goodell, several team-mates. And Tedy Bruschi and Rodney Harrison.

I mean Harrison's agent must have shot himself after this right? Who the fuck wants a guy on his team that will rip his team-mates and get fined every week? I hope the Steelers drop him like a loose shit. We all know he hates Roger Goodell because of the head-shot rules but christ man get over it. James Harrison is a fucking child. Commenting on what Harrison said about him, former Patriot safety Rodeny Harrison basically dismissed JAmes' comments as childish. Don't even acknowledge the little fucker.

Apparently James is as dumb as he looks

But rumor has it is that labor negotiations stalled yesterday between t he league and the players; and the Steelers owner, Dan Rooney, being agitated after Harrison's comments went public. Great Harrison, fuck up your own paycheck with your mouth. That's smart.

The article hasn't been released in full, but apparently Harrison uses a "gay slur" to describe Goodell. I don't know why people can't come out and speculate that he said faggot. What other gay slur do you think he said? Oviously the fag-bomb.

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  1. He's a total fuck. Useless, worthless excuse for a human.