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Friday, September 9, 2011

Kosher Facebook?

So apparently some dude in Israel decided to create a Facebook that would be acceptable for strict Jews. The social network apparently seperates men and women like a synagogue. Seems like they are cutting out an essential part of Facebook, but who am I to judge?

From Worldcrunch:
TEL AVIV – Faceglat is a new social network that allows its users to chat online, share information and pictures, and add new friends – all the while strickly separating men from women, just like in synagogue. Launched in Israel last month by a young Hasidic geek, this website boasts a social structure designed especially for ultra-Orthodox Jews. The name "Faceglat" comes from the fusion of two words: Facebook, and glatt, meaning highly kosher, according to the Jewish dietary laws of kashrut.

When men go on Faceglat.com, they sign up by clicking on the arrow on the right of the screen. Women click on that on the left. From this moment on their respective paths will never cross. "One day, a couple of friends paid me a visit, and while we were chatting, the young woman said it was a pity that there was no website where she could share pictures with her female friends without other people being able to see them,” says the site’s creator, Yaakov Swisa. “We started thinking about a religious social network, where there would be no indecent pictures, and which would garantee that men could not see photos posted by women, and vice versa.”

We love Faceglat!

I think this dude has a great idea and there is definitely a niche for this. But I mean, can it even be called Facebook-like if you can't creep on chicks and shit? That's called lame.

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