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Monday, October 17, 2011

Jim Schwartz is a Baby

So just in case you live under a rock or some shit and didn't see the end of the Lions 49ers game when Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz exchanged a few words, here is the video.

Schwartz said he got "shoved" out of the way when he was shaking hands with Harbaugh, and obviously he was referring to the pat on the back Harbaugh gave him. Someone said something to someone and after that it was on. Players, coaches, everyone was ready to punch someone going into the tunnel.

My question is, how big of a pussy is Jim Schwartz? Here is what went down.

Harbaugh is excited because his team won, he's bouncin' all over the fucking place. He shakes hands and put his other hand on Schwartzes back. Schwartz is pissed the Lions lost and probably mumbles something about "don't touch my back you fag." And then Harbaugh reacts.

My favorite is the guy in the white Lions jacket who at the 50 second mark starts running and shoulder bumps number 85 on the 49ers. Like really dude, how heated are you about what just went down? You want to fight an NFL receiver? Probably won't go so well. Oh wait! That's the pussy who started it all, Jim Shwartz.

You really wanna fight Jim Harbaugh?

And I do love how the coaches get wisked away and the moron players stay in that huge group talking shit when they don't even know what happened. I can picture a lot of "That's my coach!" Good shit morons.

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  1. put gloves on those two coaches and schartz would be on the ground faster than that chump kimbo just knocked out