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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Smartglasses coming soon

From Newser:
By the end of this year, you won't have to pull out your smartphone for directions while walking down the street: The information will be displayed directly in front of your very eyes, if you buy a pair of the glasses Google is developing. The Android-based glasses, which will have a 3G or 4G connection and are expected to cost around the same amount as a smartphone, will stream information in real time on a small screen a few inches from the eyeball, sources tell the New York Times

The glasses will also include sensors like motion and GPS and a low-resolution camera, making it possible for the glasses to give the user information about location and even nearby friends. Users are expected to scroll and click through the information via head tilts. Privacy is a concern, as Google wants to make sure people know if the glasses are recording them. The glasses, which are being built in Google's secretive Google X laboratories, are not intended to be worn at all times. Apple is exploring a similar option, but its creation would be worn around the wrist.

Weird huh
Damn this is some scary shit. I mean if Google can really get this going soon then my guess is we have about ten years until Terminator happens for realz. Time to start stockpiling guns and ammo I guess.

And what the fuck is up with the Apple version, wearing sweet shades compared to wearing a wristband like an NFL quarterback? Apple you better get on the glasses bandwagon because wristbands are the opposite of cool.

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