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Monday, March 28, 2011

Got a Cold? Get a Script!

So here's your meth lesson for the day. Producing meth requires pseudoephedrine, which is an ingredient found in many cold medicines like Sudafed. So now lawmakers in Tennessee are looking at requiring prescriptions for fucking cold medicine.

From the NY Times:

“We can’t change lives just to stop these weirdo people,” said Joy Krieger, executive director of the St. Louis chapter of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, who is is fighting a prescription-only bill in Missouri. 

Officials like Mr. Farmer say drug companies only want to protect the profits they reap from over-the-counter pseudoephedrine sales, estimated at more than $550 million a year. But the industry’s argument to legislators — that law-abiding citizens should not have to pay for a doctor’s visit for a mere stuffy nose — has proved potent. Prescription-only bills were defeated or failed to make it to a vote this month in Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky and West Virginia after heavy lobbying by the ’Consumer Healthcare Products Association, a trade group representing makers of over-the-counter drugs. Similar bills are still alive in Alabama, Missouri, Nevada, Tennessee, Oklahoma and several other states. 

Two states, Oregon and Mississippi, already require prescriptions for pseudoephedrine; law enforcement officials there say meth lab seizures have plummeted since the laws were passed. In Mississippi, which adopted a prescription-only law last year, the authorities say meth lab seizures have dropped by nearly 70 percent. 

I smell bullshit. I can't believe people are considering this. First, making people go to a doctor and say they have a cold so they need a prescription is bullshit. And then if we've learned anything about the war on drugs, the meth cookers are going to find another ingredient to replace pseudoephedrine. It's just how it works. They'll just fucking throwing some bath salts into the meth instead. And also it is pretty easy to get a doctor's prescription pad if you really want one. I'm just saying.

tastes like meth!

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