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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jersey Shore Killed the Real World

Alright so Jersey Shore is over and now a new season of the Real World is starting. I watched the first two episodes and I have decided, on my own, that the Jersey Shore kills the Real World. There are many reasons.

First of all, only one dude apparently drinks on this season. Everyone else just sits around and doesn't go out and get drunk. And he does drink at the Jersey Shore level. But then everyone in the house bitches him out for being wasted and getting escorted from clubs? On Jersey Shore they are all professional drinkers except Sammie but who gives a fuck.

Shits weak
So anyway this Adam guy (the drinking guy) is probably going to be the entire season. He'll get shitfaced and do stupid shit and everyone else will tweak. But the beauty of the Jersey Shore is that they all do that shit, and every single night no less.
This dudes got the Real World on his back
See the thing that MTV doesn't get is the Real World is 90's entertainment. In 2011 stupid Americans just want to watch idiots go out and get fucked up and be ridiculous. We don't want like people to connect on some level and like blend cultures or whatever. We don't want to hear about your bi-polar mom.

We want tee shirt time and "cabs are here" and all that shit.

We'll outdrink the Real World any day
Everyone on the Real World is like worried about their job and think that this Adam dude is going to get them kicked out of the hotel or some bullshit. Are you serious? The Hard Rock is probably providing the cast with whores nightly. They love publicity. If you brought the Jersey Shore to Vegas, imagine the shit show that would ensue. That's what America wants. Drunk hoes and juiceheads and stupidity all-around.

All I'm saying is the Jersey Shore beats the piss out of the Real World. Watch both and tell me I'm wrong.

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