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Thursday, March 10, 2011

USC Pissed over Frats being Frats

So everyone at USC is apparently flipping out becuase of an email from the Kappa Sigma fraternity that disparages women. Big shocker, frat douchebags think of women as "targets"

A piece of the email from Huffington Post:
"I have come to write this memo to you today to educate on the only life worth living, that of a Cocksman. A Cocksman is taught to live by the two most applicable principles I know: The Pie and the Gullet. You may already be lost in trying to comprehend this logic. Do not worry this is completely understandable. By the end of this memo, you will not only gain a greater understanding of what it means to live, but you will have embraced a lifestyle. However, in order for this to happen you first must know a couple key terms.
Note: I will refer to females as "targets". They aren't actual people like us men. Consequently, giving them a certain name or distinction is pointless."

So are people really surprised by this? Really? I'm pretty sure even the college women the email refers to as "targets" know who they are. You are the types of sluts who go to frat parties, hang on the brothers all night, and then when the roofies kick in you get gang banged in some dirty basement. It's a lifestyle, I understand. I don't know why college officials don't get it. They aren't talking about raping the girls or anything. Just some girls are meat lockers for frat dick. At least the dudes don't have misconceptions about how they treat women. It's college people, especially at USC, I've never been there but I assume these douchebag "Cocksman" (which makes me think they are closet homos anyway) are wading knee-deep in nubile pussy.

Looks like a target to me

Look at that picture, tell me USC girls aren't targets, that is the first fucking pic that comes up when you google pictures of "USC". No shit.

Everyone relax, college frats have been packed full of douchery for as long as there has been college. Respectable girls don't care because they don't suck HPV-infused dick. And the girls who do know who they are. Relax, uptight college administration douchebags. You're the ones who admitted the fuckers.

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