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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kobe Doesn't Hate Gays

This bullshit with Kobe Bryant is driving me up a fucking wall. Apparently he uttered an anti-gay slur after getting a technical foul last night. You can see in the video here, he storms to the Lakers bench and apparently yells to a ref "fucking faggot."

Raping girls and hating gays?

Is this seriously an issue? Does someone who yells fag in the middle of heated competition really considered a homophobe? People obviously haven't seen the South Park episode "The F Word"? It clearly explains that "fag" changes meaning throughout time and right now it doesn't mean homosexuals, it means someone who is pissing you the fuck off. I mean is this really on Sports Center and shit? KG called Velenueva a cancer patient and people didn't flip out this much. I hate the Lakers, but just guess how many slurs athletes say on the field. A lot.

From ESPN:

After receiving a technical foul during Tuesday's game, Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant stormed back to the bench and appeared to direct a homophobic slur toward referee Bennie Adams
Bryant's reaction was caught on camera on TNT's national telecast of the key Western Conference battle with the San Antonio Spurs. He hit his seat before sitting down, threw a towel and then yelled, "Bennie," toward the court. Bryant then leaned back and muttered what appeared to be a gay slur.

I just can't believe this is news. I really can't. All these equality groups railing on Kobe and shit, give me a fucking break and maybe focus on people who actually commit anti-gay crimes bro. Leave the man alone.

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