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Monday, July 11, 2011

Airport Non-Security

From the New York Post:
A flight-crew member found a stun gun on a JetBlue plane that had just discharged its passengers at Newark Airport after a flight from Boston, a source told The Post last night. 

The FBI was conducting an investigation Monday after the Striker 1800 stun gun was found Friday by a cleaning crew inside the back pocket of a seat on board Jet Blue flight 1179, MyFoxNY.com reported. The plane had just arrived from Boston and all passengers had disembarked.

Authorities said the cleaning crew called the Port Authority Police and the Transportation Safety Administration was also notified.

This is why Americans need to understand the fact that our planes will never be perfectly safe. Full body scans; pat-downs; fist in the anal cavity; whatever they try to do, something will always get through. So where is the line? When do we stop creating more ridiculous and expensive devices to detect shit at airports and just admit that nothing is perfect? First it's the underwear-bomber, then they came up with body scans and some fucking crackhead heading to Newark from Boston forgets the tazer he brought on board in a seat pocket. You can't make this shit up.

Second, we should all be happy that the person who does get a weapon through security either shit his pants when it came time to start tazing stewardesses, or was just some kind of fucking idiot. Who knows. Maybe it was a fucking air marshal who forgot his tazer when he left the plane. Whoever it was, they are either a chicken-shit terrorist, or an idiot. Maybe both.

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