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Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Man's Worst Nightmare

Jesus christ, this is really any guys worst nightmare ever. For one man, it became a reality.

who wants a sex-change?

From the Smoking Gun:
JULY 12--In the year’s most horrifying police press release, cops in Garden Grove, California describe how a woman last night allegedly cut off her husband’s penis.

According to investigators, Catherine Kieu Becker, 48, “used an unknown type poison and/or drug in the male’s food to make him sleepy. She tied him to the bed and as he woke the female cut off his penis" with a 10-inch kitchen knife. Becker, pictured in the mug shot at right, then allegedly “tossed the penis…in the garbage disposal and turned the disposal to the ‘on’ position.”

Good sweet baby jesus. Imagine thinking you were drugged and then waking up without your cock. Jesus, they can't even reattach that bitch because the fucking psycho chick put it in the garbage disposal. This is the type of stuff that makes men think about statements such as "women are fucking crazy". I mean serial killers are usually dudes and they do fucked up shit. But this is just terrible.

The upside is, who is going to fuck with a chick in jail who cut her ex-hubbies penis off with a ten inch knife? Nobody.

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