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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Entourage Finale Review

So I finally got my shit together and watched the last episode of Entourage. Everyone all over the internet is bashing on Entourage. What the fuck do you want to happen for the last episode?

Walling off into the sunset

Everything fell into place just like I hoped it would. E and Sloane are flying off into the sunset to abort their child in some unknown third world country, Vince is getting married, Turtle is a millionaire. And Johnny is a smart-ass. And really the best part of the finale was poor pathetic Ari Gold getting his woman back. Even though he got invited to be the new CEO of Universal or some huge studio. Props to the writers for clearing leaving it open in case they need to make more money.

Entourage movie anyone? I fucking hope so.

And by the way, the real star of the finale was Melissa (who knew?) Gold's body. Couldn't find any good shots, but watch the episode and you'll see what I mean.

All in all Entourage was a great series and the finale wrapped it up perfectly. There was nothing crazy going on or cliffhanger or shit. Just riding off into the sunset like a boss series should.

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