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Friday, October 7, 2011

Feds to Close Pot Shops in Cali

From NY Daily News:
The feds have begun a crackdown on marijuana dispensaries in California, telling stores they must close within 45 days - even though medicinal weed is legal in the state.
The move was seen as the Obama administration's pushback against the medical marijuana industry, The Associated Press reported. Sixteen states have legalized pot for those who have a prescription from a doctor.
Federal prosecutors in California sent strongly worded letters to 16 pot shops or their landlords. The Associated Press got copies of letters sent to a dozen dispensaries in the San Diego area.
The letters argue that federal law trumps state law.

Why do the Feds keep doing this? Of all the medical marijuana dispensaries in 16 different states, why send a letter threatening to close just 16 of them in San Diego? I think it's time the feds realized that they can't control the exploding medical pot industry. Don't they have bigger things to do with their time than bother a bunch of old potheads in California anyway?

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